The OA KneeTrac On The Go

The OA KneeTrac Hinge System

 DDS OA Kneetrac Knee Brace Fitting Chart
6" Above Knee
of Knee
6" Below Knee

XS7" ~ 15.5"
12" ~ 13"
10" ~ 12"
S15.5" ~ 18.5"
13" ~ 14"
12" ~ 14"
M18.5" ~ 21"
14" ~ 15"
14" ~ 16"
L21" ~ 23.5"
15" ~ 17"
16" ~ 18"
XL23.5" ~ 26.5"
17" ~ 19"
18" ~ 20"
2XL26.5" ~ 29.5"
19" ~ 21"
20" ~ 22"
3XL29.5" ~ 32.5"
21" ~ 23"
22" ~ 24"​

Fitting Chart

Fitting the OA KneeTrac

Introducing All-Duralumin
​Aircraft Technology

DDSBrace OA KneeTrac is made of ultra-lightweight and highly durable duralumin alloy. Duralumin is a strong, hard, lightweight alloy of aluminum, widely used in aircraft construction. The surface of the duralumin has been anodized.  Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

The OA KneeTrac Angle Lock System

DDS OA KneeTrac Angle Lock System is the perfect solution for patients who require restricted movement of the leg during their rehabilitation period.

With our Fulcrum-Smart Triangular Shaped LTS hinge design, the knee joint acts as a natural lever displacing weight off of the entire knee joint with minimal effort.

The DDS OA KneeTrac is the perfect solution for moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Our revolutionary Fulcrum-Smart Leverage Traction System coupled with our Intelli-H Frame Design sets our product apart from all other OA knee braces on the market. 


Weight is displaced from the affected knee. There is less contact between the bones and pain is relieved. Swelling is reduced with an increase in mobility.


Osteoarthritis in the knee is the reduction of the natural cushioning between the femur and the tibia. When this occurs, the bones rub more closely against each other which often can cause pain, swelling and limited mobility.

Traditional knee braces use opposing lateral pressure to open up and unload the affected (knee) compartment. The DDS OA Kneetrac unloads BOTH the medial and lateral compartments simultaneously using the revolutionary Leverage Traction System with Fulcrum-Smart technology which incorporates a uniquely designed triangular shaped hinge to provide decompression to the knee joint. This reduction of pressure on the joint supports and stabilizes the knee, eases pain and assists with active rehabilitation. 

The posterior straps anchor on top of the calf muscle and to the bottom of the hamstring. As the leg extends the LTS Hinge articulates with the body’s natural movement, gently pulling in opposite directions. This action decompresses and unloads the entire knee joint. Standard braces only unload one knee compartment at the expense of the other. 

LTS TECHNOLOGY found in the OA KneetracTM provides decompression to the knee joint. The reduction of pressure supports and stabilizes the knee. The OA KneeTrac:

• Accepted by Medicare and most private insurance companies.
• Interchangeable Angle Lock System is fully customizable according to the patient’s needs.
• The OA Kneetrac’s innovative technology effectively unloads both compartments of the knee joint simutaniously.
• Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably
• Made of ultra-lightweight and highly durable duralumin alloy aircraft 


• Reduces the need for pain medication
• Alternative to surgery
• Improves knee joint functions
• Supports and stabilizes the knee
• Increases mobility


• Hyperextension
• Osteoarthritis
• Knee instability
• Pain of the knee joint

The World's First

Decompression Knee Brace!

The DDS OA KneeTrac
Decompression Knee Brace

Medicare PDAC Approved K0902