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Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression Braces

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Ever since we first introduced the spinal-air decompression back brace to the ­­market in the early 90’s, hundreds of thousands of back pain sufferers have found relief from this impressive device. Since then, despite the fact that we hold the patents on this technology several other companies have come out with their own versions of a decompression brace with complete disregard.To expose the copycat companies for who they are and what they are “really” bringing to the market, we tackled the task of doing an exhaustive comparison so that you the consumer are as informed as possible. This comparison puts the craftsmanship, functionally and effectiveness of each copycat patent infringing brace to the test against the DDS 500. Although on the surface they all look very similar and appear to do the same thing, there are some significant differences that consumers should be aware of before making a decision.