The longitudinal expansion system of the DDS MAX helps reduce intra-discal pressure within the cervical spine. Researchers have scientifically identified proven benefits for patients challenged with bulging discs, herniated 
discs, degenerative discs, and radiculopathy in the arms with as little as two 30 minute treatments per day.

The DDS MAX Ambulatory Cervical Spinal-Air Traction Collar is a revolutionary orthopedic traction instrument that reduces the pressure on the cervical discs by widening of the intervertebral disc space through the use of air pressure. Scientifically designed air cells inside the DDS MAX collar expands the device vertically to apply a traction force to the cervical spine. This traction force or unloading of the discs can quickly provide significant pain relief for neck pain. Users will feel immediate support as well as providing maximum comfort.

One Size Fits Most 

1 Front Chin Support 

Contoured frontal collar is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, support, and stability.

2 One-Touch Velcro Type Connectors
​Protects skin and diminishes sensitive skin problems. Long-term comfort is provided by a high quality neutral cotton lining.

3. Traction Air Bladder
Inflatable expansion bladder provides traction effect.

4. Air Injection Nozzle
Allows simple connection to pump for inflation. Simply unscrew nozzle counterclockwise approximately 2 turns to deflate traction air bladder.

5. Support Frame
Provides a fixed point for traction effect. Stabilizes pressure on the collar bone and chest area.

6. Air Pump Included with Collar

The cervical spine is an amazing and complex structure of 7 small vertebrae, intervertebral discs to absorb shock, joints, 8 nerve roots, vascular elements, 32 muscles, ligaments and it is also home to the spinal cord. It is capable of supporting a head weighing 15 or more pounds while moving in several directions. No other region of the spine has such freedom of movement which makes the mobility of the neck matchless.This combination of complexity and mobility makes the neck susceptible to pain and injury.


Cervical Spinal-Air 
Decompression Collar

Medicare PDAC Approved E0856

Don't Live Another Minute

With Neck Pain!