Before Treatment

In lumbar disc bulge or herniation, the intervertebral disc suffers from the effects of axial loading caused by gravity. This results in the bulged or herniated disc compressing against nerve tissue, which causes back pain, sciatica, and muscle spasm.

After Treatment

The DDS Double Lite Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression Brace assists in returning the disc and nucleus pulposus toward their normal physiologic state by decreasing axial loading, thereby reducing intra-discal pressure, through the expandable vertical air cells within the device

The unique and patented spinal-air traction design sets it apart from all other ambulatory supports. The DDS Double Lite offers traction and support as opposed to just support like all other belts on the market. Our device is the ultimate lumbar traction/support back brace.​

The DDS Double Lite before inflation is 5.25” vertical height. After inflation the brace expands vertically approximately 2.75” to a vertical height of 8”.




Don't Live Another Minute 

With Back Pain!

DDS Double Lite

Lumbar Spinal-Air 
​Decompression Brace 

Accessories Available for The DDS 300 


The function of the DDS Double Lite is that alike its counterpart the DDS Double, applying spinal decompression within the lumbar region through Vertical Air Pressure Technology (VAP™). As the DDS Double Lite is being inflated it expands from approx 5 1/4” to just over 8”, seating down onto the pelvic girdle as its foundation while anchoring up underneath the rib cage pushing upwards, stretching the torso vertically, diverting the weight bearing forces away and reducing the pressure within the lumbar spine region, significantly reducing pain levels. 

It is also great for treating other lower back conditions such as spondylosis, spondylolsthesis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, lumbago and facet syndrome. The DDS Double Lite is the retail (no prescription required) version of the DDS Double. 

Spinal decompression reveals promising results for the future, offering effective management of patients with all types of disc disease and spinal injuries. With over 2 million patients and physicians currently using our technology, we are honored to have the opportunity to assist those who are in need of “Improving Quality Of Life”. 


  • Decreases Axial Loading.

  • Relaxes Muscle Spasms and Muscle Cramps

  • Advanced Tubeless Air Cell Design for Narrow Fit.

  • For Strenuous Jobs Requiring Heavy Lifting or Long Hours of Driving.

  • Maintain Proper Posture (Improper Posture Places the Upper Body Weight on the Discs that Causes Back Pain).

  • Machine washable.


When measuring, the measurement needs to be taken at the most protruding part of the torso (usually the naval). There is about 1"-2" of play on each end of the measurement. Example: the XL has 36-38 inch range, the brace can extend from waist size 34-40.


Item  Description Quantity
DDS Double Lite Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression Brace Each

A - DDS Double Lite Brace
B - User Manual
C - Mesh Laundry Bag
D - Standard Hand Pump
E - Extension Hose


  • Pain Relief for Herniated and Bulging Discs, Muscle Spasms, Spondylosis, Sciatica, and Spinal Stenosis.

  • Facilitate The Re-molding and Healing of Disc by Diverting the Weight Bearing Forces away from the Lumbar Spine. 

  • Maximize Prevention of Re-Herniation.

  • Minimize Pain / REDUCE Pain Medication.

  • Minimize Patient’s Complaints / Improve Quality of Life.

  • Effective For Pre-Surgical Discomfort.