This is the same pump that comes with all DDS Decompression Braces. For use with both cervical and lumbar braces.

DDS Standard Hand Pump

Textured, rubber surface

DDS Easy Wrap Finger Holder

Suspension Sleeve

Step 1
After removing the wrap from the packaging, attach the finger holder on the non-Velcro end of the wrap and place the wrap 1/2 inch below the back of your knee with the soft material facing your skin and the textured, rubber side facing

Step 2

Using the finger holder, pull the wrap tight around your leg securing it to the male Velcro strip.

Step 3

If necessary, using a pair of scissors, cut the excess wrap material 2 inches from the point of attachment. This will leave enough material to attached the finger hold for future uses.

DDS Easy Wrap Suspension Sleeve

The DDS Easy Wrap is designed to prevent brace migration


OA KneeTrac Decompression Knee Brace Accessories 

DDS Brace


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Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression Brace Accessories

The DDS Extension can increase the size of your DDS Lumbar Brace by up to 8” with a simple Velcro attachment.

One DDS "8" Extension is needed for DDS 500 and two are needed for DDS Double.

DDS 8" Extension

Connect spring-loaded clamp to air valve on brace.
With one touch of a button, the pump will automatically inflate your DDS Lumbar Brace up to 15 PSI.
The pump will automatically inflate your DDS Lumbar Brace up to 15 PSI. You can stop inflating at any point by pressing the button once.The red light will blink 5 times accompanied by 5 beeps when inflation is almost complete and inflation will stop immediately after the 5th beep.

Warning: The DDS Auto Pump should ONLY be used with DDS LUMBAR BRACES.

DDS Automatic Pump